SECT data file

Here's the full list of information needed for the SECT original data file:

Local ID
State ID
Student First Name
Student Last Name
Grade Level
Teacher Last Name
Teacher First Name
Course Name
Section #
Letter Mark Code (e.g. A+, A, A-,… Withdrawn,…)
Course Credit
Term Code (e.g. FULL, SEM1, SEM2, QTR1, QTR2,…)

1. Use original file. Add a column for Path. Set up the path to the SECT criterion level (e.g. COURSELETTERMARK FULL).

2. Use the file from #1 to import assignments to ensure that all students are assigned to appropriate courses. Do NOT 'replace' but 'leave' existing students and teachers assignments.
(The importer will recognize the following headers and ignore the others: Local ID, State ID, Last Name, First Name, Grade, Teacher Last Name, Teacher First Name, Course, Section)

3. Make a copy of the file from #1, only keep course and path columns, delete the others. Adjust paths to the courses (remove Unit/Criterion Name) and remove headers.

4. Import SECT curriculum links: use the file from #3 in Groups/Import

This importer will:

- create the courses if they do not exist. Make note of the courses it will be adding, you will need to go back to those curriculum courses later and set them up under Curriculum/Edit Folder.

- ask you to select the type of unit the courses should have (please select from SECT template).

- link the SECT curriculum to the courses.

* If the courses do not share the same type of term (FULL, SEM, QTR,…), then this step needs to be done separately for each type - once with a file with FULL only, once with a file with SEM,…

5. Go to Curriculum/Edit Folder, and for each curriculum course the importer created, set up the Level, Setting, NCES Course Code, Type, Grade, and Subject.

6. Import the data (File Format 2) using the file from #1.

SECT Validation Steps

SECT data can come from report cards (using supporting data), be entered manually, or imported.

To learn more on data entry, click on How to Enter Assessment Data
To learn more on SECT data file format for import, review the SECT Data File section.

VCAT has been set up with validation steps to guide you and facilitate the process. Those steps have been incorporated in the generation of the SECT reports.

To run the SECT reports:

  1. Go to the Reports tab/ Quick sub tab.
  2. Select the VT SECT report (last one at the bottom).
  3. Select 2012-2013.
  4. Select the school (one school at a time - repeat these steps for each individual school).

This will bring you to the validation steps:

STEP 1: Validate SECT Data

This step will provide you with a list of students and/or educators that are missing their state ID. In order for those students and/or educators to be part of the reports, their state ID must be entered in VCAT.

To enter a student state ID:

  • Go to Students tab.
  • Click on Edit sub tab.
  • In the field in the Students palette, type in the last name or the first name.
  • Press the Search button.
  • If your search returns more than one student, click on the Local ID for the student you are interested in.
  • In the State ID field, type in the student's state ID.
  • Hit the Save Changes button.

To enter an educator state ID:

  • Go to Staff tab.
  • Click on Edit sub tab.
  • In the Name or ID field, type in the last name or the first name.
  • Hit Enter or click on Filter button.
  • To select the educator, click on the Edit button to the left of the educator's userid.
  • Under the Information tab, type in the educator's state ID in the State ID field.
  • Hit the Save button.

5. Once you have reviewed and taken care of the missing IDs, click on the 'Go to Next Page' blue link at the top of the page.

STEP 2: Educator Course Summary

This step provides you with the list of all educators part of the SECT reports, with their role and each course they teach. This is the perfect opportunity to review that information and make sure it all makes sense. If you'd like to sort by a particular column, just click on the header of that column.

If you notice an educator whose assignment is incorrect, you need to go to the Staff tab/ Edit sub tab to make the correction.

6. Once you have reviewed the Educator Course Summary and made necessary changes if needed, click on the 'Go to Next Page' blue link at the top of the page.

STEP 3: Missing SECT Data

This step lists the 'missing' data, based on where there should be SECT data. When you know that all your data has been entered but VCAT still displays 'missing' data, you should review that list and look closely at the students and the courses for which they are missing data. Often, the students missing data are students that have left early in the year and do not have data. In this case, there is no need to worry about them. All the 'missing' data does not show up on the final SECT reports. On the other hand, if you notice students that should have data, this gives you the opportunity to investigate why they are showing up without any data and make sure that data gets entered for them.

7. Once you have reviewed the Missing Data and students left in the list truly belong in the list, click on the 'Go to Next Page' blue link at the top of the page.

STEP 4: Valid SECT Data

In a readable format (compare to the official .csv State files), this step shows you the list of all the data part of the SECT reports.

7. To get to the official files required by the State, click on the 'Go to Next Page' blue link at the top of the page.

STEP 5: Vermont Student Teacher Educator Transcript Report

This step gives you the official files to download.

To download the School Courses File, click on the Download School Courses File blue link. It will create the file and download it to your computer. Once downloaded, click the Exit Report and click on Download Student Transcripts File to download that file as well.

8. Now that you have both files on your computer, you need to upload both of them to the SECT section of the Students Census.


VCAT - Vermont Student Educator Course Transcript Data Collection (SECT)

The Department of Education (VT DOE) is moving forward with the Student/Educator Course Transcript data collection for year 2011-2012. The VT DOE will be collecting these data from all schools and grade levels K-12 at the end of this school year. These data will be collected as part of an existing data collection, the Spring Census, by adding import tools to allow schools to automatically import their course and student transcript data.

This page is for all information relating to VCAT and the SECT data collection.

Department of Education Memos

Memos sent to Superintendents by Armanda Vilaseca, Commissioner Department of Education, are listed below. Click on the links to view them.

Memo from 3/13/12

Memo from 5/2/12

Communication about Teacher State ID number

From Kim Gawor (5/1/12)

Hi Everyone,

I am getting questions about the Student Educator Course Transcript collection, in particular in regards to the Teacher State ID number. I sent Dave Kelley at the VT DOE an email and after exchanging several messages with him, this is what I have learned: The field for the Teacher State ID is called permnumber. It is seven digits long and starts with 8, so for teachers it is 8######. Once we get into the SECT application, which we will access via the Spring Census, we will be able to obtain a report of teachers. This teacher information will come from the Educator Census, which was submitted in March 2012. Dave believes that the teacher report will be an excel extract. If he is right, that suggests there will be a file we can export from the SECT and possibly import into VCAT to populate the Teacher State ID field. When I was on the VT DOE's Data Collection web page yesterday, I noticed the section about the SECT has changed. I suggest going to it at: http://education.vermont.gov/new/html/pgm_IT/sect.html.

As of this morning, there isn't a document called File Import Specifications posted but there is a reference to Data File Templates, which it says is coming soon. Please take a look at the collection's Timeline, which can be found at: http://education.vermont.gov/documents/EDU-Data_Collection_SECT_Timeline.pdf.

From Cameryne Kelley (5/1/12)

HI - For those of who may still have a membership with the VDC and have access to the VT Data Warehouse you would have the ability to pull teacher state ID numbers based on the 2010-2011 Educator Census to get a head start on matching the teacher State ID number with your current teachers. I have done this and only had a handful of teachers that are new this year without the state ID code. Janelle in the Data Management Team at the DOE was willing to provide me with the teachers I was missing state ID numbers for by faxing her the teachers name, their DOB and school code where they teach.

In addition, I too had a conversation with Dave Kelley last week to as more specific questions related to High School courses where we may not know who the teacher of record is for students attending either BTC/CTE, taking virtual high school coures, Independent Studies, CCV or other colleges courses, etc. He did indicate that they will have teacher ID information for those teaching at BTC/CTE, CCV but the challenge will be knowing who the teacher of record is for the courses students are taking. He also indicated that they will have a several generic teacher state ID numbers for some of the other places students may be taking classes from that I had listed.

File Import Specifications - Page Specific Notes

This refers to the March 16, 2012 version.

Fiscal Year

All references to FY11 throughout the document should read FY12.

Page 9

Under Description it says to use the “not applicable” code if course credits are not provided, but it never clearly states what the code is. Under Special Instruction #2 it says to enter a zero (0) value if the course offers no credit. It is therefore assumed that zero (0) is the “not applicable” code.

Page 11

Under Special Instructions, item #3 should end with “20” not “02”.

There are many questions concerning the Teacher of Record designations.

Clarification from Stacey Murdock: You would use teacher of record when there is only one teacher of record and co-teacher of record when more than one educator has a role in ensuring the curriculum meets the standards.

Setting Up VCAT for SECT

NOTE: We will be updating the details of the steps/instructions below as we develop and clarify the SECT process.

School Code

Add school code to each school

  • Groups/Schools
  • Click on school
  • Add code
  • Hit Save


Create a term called SECT Full School Year

  • Groups/Terms
  • Select Add Term on the left
  • Type SECT Full School Year in the name field
  • Set the code to Full School Year
  • Click on Add Term button

Date Range

Set date range for term SECT Full School Year

  • Groups/Edit
  • Click on this year's folder
  • Set the date range to 07/01/2011 to 06/30/2012, if importing/entering data for SECT, or match dates from last trimester or quarter if using supporting data from Report Cards for example.
  • Hit Save Changes

Staff State ID

A State ID number is required for each staff member.

  • Staff/Edit
  • Select the staff
  • Type State ID in appropriate field
  • Hit Save

SECT units

The VCAT Vault Control utility will help with the process of setting up the course information and creating SECT units for PK-8 common courses (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Music,…).

  1. In the first step, the VCAT Vault Control utility will do the initial settings for those existing courses it found. It will set the Credit, Level, Setting, and NCES (National Center for Education Statistics) Course Code info. Note: Additional fields like Type, Grade, and Subject should already be set. If they aren't, please fill out the missing information (Curriculum/Edit Folder).
  2. Once the first step is completed, it is important to REVIEW the information for each course, under Curriculum/Edit Folder. Please verify the existing information, make changes if needed, and ADD course info for courses that have not been updated by the utility.
  3. Use the VCAT Vault Control utility once again to now add SECT units to all courses that have complete course settings.

SECT parameters

SECT draws values from multiple areas throughout VCAT. It is important that all parameters be set correctly in order to be able to generate the reports.


  • The Year requires date range to be set (Groups/Edit).


  • The School requires a name linked to School Information (Groups/Edit).
  • The School also needs a code (Groups/Schools).


  • The Course, Grade 4 for example, needs to be linked to curriculum courses (Groups/Edit).
  • The curriculum courses need Level, Setting, and Course Code info set. Note: If Credit Available is left blank, by default it will equal “0”.
  • Each curriculum course needs a unit with a SECT type criterion.
  • The SECT type criterion needs a term with a code.


  • The section needs a name that is unique within a course.


  • Students need data within the date range of the term linked to the SECT criterion.


VCAT looks at the code associated with the role to determine if a staff member is a Teacher of Record or an Other Contributing Professional. (Staff/Role) The actual name of the role is irrelevant. You can create roles with different names (like Curriculum Developer for example) to be more meaningful, give it a code of 30 (for example), and VCAT will recognize that staff member as “Other Contributing Professional”.

Note: If more than one Teacher of Record is assigned to a section, VCAT will assigned them as Co-Teacher of Record on the reports.

In order to be recognized and be part of the SECT reports, staff need to be assigned:

  • a State ID number
  • a code of 10 or 30 associated with their role
  • have the ability to enter data for the specific SECT criteria

Staff Roles

From Stacey Murdock, Data Administration Director, Dept of Education:

“Co-teachers are both teachers of record. For our purposes teachers of record are educators who have a role in making sure the curriculum meets the standards. An educator without such a role in designing the curriculum would be a contributing professional.”

“You would use teacher of record when there is only one teacher of record and co-teacher of record when more than one educator has a role in ensuring the curriculum meets the standards.”

SECT Files

Click on the links below to access the documents from the VT Department of Education.

Reporting Instructions (FY2012 SECT Data Reporting Instructions v1.0) As of May 9th, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions Dated April 27, 2012

File Import Specifications (FY2012 SECT Data Collection Specifications v1.0) As of May 9th, 2012

Here are samples of the two files required by the VT DOE. Take note that .csv is the file format required even though they are displayed here as excel files due to Wiki limitations.


School Courses Report

Student Transcripts Report

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