Wiki Information

This section contains instructions for using the wiki. All VCAT users are encouraged to become active participants.

Log In

To log in, click on Login button on the bottom left corner.

Log Out

To log out, click on Logout button on the bottom left corner.

Create a page

• You can create a page anywhere in the Wiki but we ask that, if the page is specific to your district, you create it within your namespace.

• This format is needed when creating a page within your own district:


users:(name of your district):(name of the page you're creating):start|(name of your page)

By adding the last colon with the word start at the end, that page will be ready to accept any sub pages, if ever needed.

• Once you add your page, it will show up in red like this:

• Click on it. This message will appear: This topic does not exist yet. From there, create the new page by clicking on Create this page button at the bottom right. Type your text and hit Save. Now that your page is created, it will show up at its designated location in the sidebar menu.

• You can create a page from ANY location (page) in the Wiki. Doesn't matter where you are, the location of your new page will be determined by the way you initially set it up when you create it.

• If the page you are creating is of value for all VCAT Users and stands alone, we recommend you use the Playground to create it. Once created, it will appear where it belongs, showing in the sidebar menu but the link of that page will still show up in the Playground page. To delete it from the Playground, click on Edit this page at the bottom right. Delete the link to that page and Save. The link for that page is now gone from the Playground but the actual page itself remains.

• This is the format to use for a new page that will stand alone in the sidebar menu and meant to benefit all VCAT Users:

[[general information:start|General Information]]

where general information, in this example, refers to the name of that new page you want to create.

Delete a page

To delete a page, go to that page, click on Edit this page, delete all the text and, hit Save.

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